I stumbled across my 3rd grade papers some time ago, and they asked a question that I’m still asking myself today, “what do you want to be when you grow up?” Even at 8 years old, I knew I wanted to be an actress.

I grew up playing sports, choreographing dance routines to “Copacabana” with my girlfriends, and listening to my parent’s eclectic taste in music including the Carpenters, The 5th Dimension, and Spyro Gyra.  My mom was a singer and dancer as a young girl, and my father had an eye for photography. It’s not easy being parents to a dreamer like me, but they never said “no” to the fact that I wanted to try everything. I think when you have an artist’s mentality, you know early on that you could never do just one thing and be satisfied, hence the term “triple threat”.

I started dancing at age 7, modeling at age 13, taking acting classes at 18, and landed my first agent that same year. Oh yeah, don’t forget chasing boys, playing sports, school and work.  Like most normal teens, I was burning the candle at both ends.

I wanted to be taken seriously as an actor after high school, so I went to Lee Strasberg Acting School while performing in “Follies” at the 5th Avenue Theatre in Seattle.

Did I mention that I have wanderlust as well? Yes, the desire to travel hit me at an early age, so I decided dancing for Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines was a good idea. I still can’t believe I got paid to do that. I worked on board for nearly 8 years before jumping ship to follow my dream of acting to Los Angeles.

I was lucky enough to train with some of the best acting and voiceover coaches in the industry and will forever be changed by my time in L.A.  I learned how not to take things so personally, not an easy task, to leave an audition behind the moment you leave the casting office (no brooding allowed), and that voiceover is amazing! There’s nothing like going to work with no makeup and your favorite workout attire, no headshot needed.

Now back in the great Pacific Northwest, I still have the same talent agent after all of these years, I have a passion for health and fitness and have been able to model more now that I’m in my…..well, nevermind my age!

My dancing feet are still in motion, as ballroom dance has become a wonderful addition to my life. I’m in love!

The little kid in me is still alive and eager to try everything. I know how blessed I am to be doing what I love and actually getting paid to do it. I never take that for granted.

I want to give a special thanks to all of my clients past, present, and future for believing in me and for allowing me to live my dream.